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100 Point Rating Guide

96-100 Extraordinary A wine of finesse, complexity, and expression. True to variety and region. Perfect balance of flavors with a long finish.
90-95 Excellent True to variety and region, with terrific complexity and balance. While not a wine for the ages, a superior example.
85-89 Good Meets your expectations, with sound flavors and balance. Might have limited complexity or be short on the palate. A sound wine.
80-84 Average Drinkable, might not have as much varietal character. Simple flavors, no flaws, but nothing special.
75-79 Below Average Might contain one flaw, simple straight-forward flavors, off-balance, unpleasant.
60-74 Undrinkable, Flawed Contains significant flaws. Unpleasant, not commercially acceptable.
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2 User Reviews




Trader Joe's

Nov 14, 2007

Not as spicy as I would like out of a syrah. I'm not sure what to make of this. It seems totally oaked out, but has a nice dry mouthfeel, and coats all over.

I'm gonna say if you're into saving some cash, and are into drinkable wines that might not display the true varietal characteristics, then hit this up. I think it's totally drinkable at this price point.

151 reviews

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Trader Joe's

Nov 02, 2007

Charcoal and burnt jam on an OK nose. Rich mouthfeel, definitely some oak and butter in this. Tannic and solid -- I like it.

165 reviews

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