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100 Point Rating Guide

96-100 Extraordinary A wine of finesse, complexity, and expression. True to variety and region. Perfect balance of flavors with a long finish.
90-95 Excellent True to variety and region, with terrific complexity and balance. While not a wine for the ages, a superior example.
85-89 Good Meets your expectations, with sound flavors and balance. Might have limited complexity or be short on the palate. A sound wine.
80-84 Average Drinkable, might not have as much varietal character. Simple flavors, no flaws, but nothing special.
75-79 Below Average Might contain one flaw, simple straight-forward flavors, off-balance, unpleasant.
60-74 Undrinkable, Flawed Contains significant flaws. Unpleasant, not commercially acceptable.
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3 User Reviews



Honig Winery

Feb 26, 2007

In my humble opinion, over-oaked. Tasted like 100% new barrels but we asked, and it is only 50% new barrels.

Vanilla, good balance, limited structure. Nice plum and deep black fruits on the finish.

Sounds horrible, but it reminded me of Yellow Tail shiraz in many ways.

This wine is very much a personal preference, it could score anywhere from 86-92 depending on what you like.

161 reviews

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Honig Vineyard & Winery

Feb 26, 2007

Cherry and lots of vanilla. Almost tasted more like an Australian shiraz. Sweet and fruity. That said, it was very smooth and very easy to drink, just not my type of cab.

151 reviews

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Vines In Orlanado

Aug 30, 2007

Smooth nose, not a strong sense of alcohol. Nice fruit, rich color and smooth finish. I rather enjoyed this wine with a rack of lamb and would surely have it again. It was oaky, but, I like that in a Cab. I would certainly recommend it.

165 reviews

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