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100 Point Rating Guide

96-100 Extraordinary A wine of finesse, complexity, and expression. True to variety and region. Perfect balance of flavors with a long finish.
90-95 Excellent True to variety and region, with terrific complexity and balance. While not a wine for the ages, a superior example.
85-89 Good Meets your expectations, with sound flavors and balance. Might have limited complexity or be short on the palate. A sound wine.
80-84 Average Drinkable, might not have as much varietal character. Simple flavors, no flaws, but nothing special.
75-79 Below Average Might contain one flaw, simple straight-forward flavors, off-balance, unpleasant.
60-74 Undrinkable, Flawed Contains significant flaws. Unpleasant, not commercially acceptable.
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1 User Review




Mill Valley Market

Jun 10, 2008

- Sweet tropical fruit. Nectarines and tropical floral nose. Sweet butterscotch. This wine was better when we re-tasted it at the end.

- Candied flowers. Overly sweet, not my style. Still, nice floral nose. Some kick on the finish.

- Floral (rose) on the nose. Reminds me of a sweet/”naked” chard. An ok finish, no one really liked it but me.

- Fruity, sweet nectar, floral, lychee.

- Slightly sweet, spicy on the finish.

- Sweet finish, applish fruit front, occasional spice on the palate.

- Sweet, slightly tart, smooth, oaky, soft. Not much personality. Very easy to drink.

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