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100 Point Rating Guide

96-100 Extraordinary A wine of finesse, complexity, and expression. True to variety and region. Perfect balance of flavors with a long finish.
90-95 Excellent True to variety and region, with terrific complexity and balance. While not a wine for the ages, a superior example.
85-89 Good Meets your expectations, with sound flavors and balance. Might have limited complexity or be short on the palate. A sound wine.
80-84 Average Drinkable, might not have as much varietal character. Simple flavors, no flaws, but nothing special.
75-79 Below Average Might contain one flaw, simple straight-forward flavors, off-balance, unpleasant.
60-74 Undrinkable, Flawed Contains significant flaws. Unpleasant, not commercially acceptable.
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2 User Reviews



May 01, 2009

Cribari chianti changed the blend from california juice to concord and in doing so ruined this wine. It no longer has its original taste which for a jug wine used to be quite good. It is undrinkable now

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The Winery, Germantown, Tn

Feb 14, 2009

Just before the jug change to the taller jugs (approx. 3 mos ago), we could honestly have rated this chianti higher. The earlier wine had a solid, robust but smooth taste; after changing to the newer jugs the wine has had a metallic or more of a chemical taste to it. We returned a case to the store with comments. Allowing for a 2 month reprieve, we have just bought 1/2 case and hope the flavor's improved. Don't know what Cribari's process change was, but I wish they'd return to the old flavor. Overall, for a jug wine, you can't beat the taste & price for 4L size. Will keep you posted.
-- dk --

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Forum Posts (3 topics, 3 posts)

Captain Caveman
83 posts

Mar 04, 2009
6 years, 11 months ago

1Re: Cribari Chianti 4L

I should add that it is unlikely they will go back, since every vintage year has it's own growing coinditions and it is fundamentally impossible to replicate the exact condition that were held previously (unlike beer or liquor which use a relatively simple "recipe"). It is however possible there may be some of the old stock floating around somewhere. Compare the sku numbers on the label, or identoifying marks on the glass, usually near the punt for identifying features.

For that much trouble though, I'd just buy yourself some Banfi.

Captain Caveman
83 posts

Mar 04, 2009
6 years, 11 months ago

2Re: Cribari Chianti 4L

I couldn't say for sure, since I haven't had that wine yet, but there are a couple of possibilities.

Since there is no vintage date on the wine that leaves it open for the producer to bottle as many different vintages from as many differnet sources as needed to satisy demand of a particular run. i.e. That's not the same wine you bought before, only the same brand.

The other possibility is that something may have happened to the wine between the time it left the producer and the time it reached your glass. A bad seal, heat, brettanomycees, or long storage under flourescent light may be the culprit.

Hope that helps shed some light on what's wrong with your juice.

1 post

Mar 03, 2009
6 years, 11 months ago

3Cribari Chianti 4L

Can somebody tell me why the juice in this bottle was changed? Don't they taste test their own product? Is there a posibility that they will go back to the "old" product? Please help!!