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100 Point Rating Guide

96-100 Extraordinary A wine of finesse, complexity, and expression. True to variety and region. Perfect balance of flavors with a long finish.
90-95 Excellent True to variety and region, with terrific complexity and balance. While not a wine for the ages, a superior example.
85-89 Good Meets your expectations, with sound flavors and balance. Might have limited complexity or be short on the palate. A sound wine.
80-84 Average Drinkable, might not have as much varietal character. Simple flavors, no flaws, but nothing special.
75-79 Below Average Might contain one flaw, simple straight-forward flavors, off-balance, unpleasant.
60-74 Undrinkable, Flawed Contains significant flaws. Unpleasant, not commercially acceptable.
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2 User Reviews




Trader Joe's

Jan 27, 2008

There is mold on the cork-yuk! This is the first time it happened, and I'm on the third bottle recently purchased.

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Trader Joe's

Apr 27, 2007

Honeysuckle/nectar, candy and very weak floral notes on a nose that reminds me of a skunky viognier.

Smooth, sweet liquid thick coating mouthfeel that really doesn't make me want to take a second sip. But I'm sucking it up for the team to really try to understand these Trader Joe's anomalies.

Finishes flat, wimpy, and just pathetic -- kicks w/ a touch of spice that leaves you w/ memories of a sauv blanc that doesn't taste like microwaved honey.

3rd in a series of Charles Shaw that we've been looking at. First white, and unfortunately, not the last (hello chardonnay). Maybe other bottles are better, but this one will haunt me.

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