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High-Tech Searching

Nov 14, 2007 |  John (12) |  Founders, How-to |  0 comments

One of my favorite things about Vinquire's wine search engine is the ability to use advanced operators. When you search for a wine for sale, you can employ a variety of special characters to really fine tune your search. Let's start with the basics:

Search the important terms only

First, use as few words as possible to describe the wine you are searching for. If your label states, "Bonny Doon Big House Red, California Red Wine", you would want to enter the least amount of words that still clearly defines the wine. In this case, I would start with Big House Red, and see how the results are. If the search results have too many incorrect wines, you can try adding more terms to the search.

Using the '-' operator

Now let's try something more advanced, try searching: 2000 Lynch Bages -Blanc
In this example, we are looking for a bottle of Lynch Bages from the fantastic 2000 Bordeaux vintage, but we're not interested in their white version. So we use the '-' character to keep the word "blanc" out of all search results.

I forgot the wine name!

Let's step it up. So let's say that you were out to dinner last night, and had a fabulous chardonnay with your skewered shrimp. The wine was called "Romb" something, you think to yourself the next day. But "Romb" what? Let vinquire take a crack at it:
Search: Romb* Chard

Rombauer Chardonnay! That was the one. The '*' operator tells Vinquire that you don't know the letters for part of a word. This operator can be used anywhere in a word, except for the first character. So you could also search R*t Mondavi Cab if you forgot Robert's first name for some reason.

I can't spell :(

In a similar sense, what if don't know how to spell some of the words in the wine label? Let's say that, like me, you have a problem spelling Mouton Rothschild. Maybe last night you polished off a few bottles, and today your thinking that it's spelled Moton RothsWild. That will get your zero results, so try this instead: Moton~ RothsWild~

That should get you the right spelling. The '~' operator tells Vinquire to allow a certain "fudge factor" for those words. Once you've determined the correct spelling, search again with the spelling errors corrected.

The next step in getting "high tech" with the wine search is to click the "search options" link -- but I will get to those in the next blog. Happy searching!
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