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Sonoma Wine Taste-Off Results & Thank You!

May 30, 2007 |  Vinquire (14) |  Wine Tasting, Events |  0 comments

SFWE Sonoma Taste-off GroupOn Tuesday night the Vinquire team and the San Francisco Wine Enthusiasts Meetup group got together for a fabulous wine tasting with 12 bottles from Sonoma County. Thanks kindly to the wineries for their fantastic contributions as well as to Tom Merle for doing the legwork to obtain these bottles.

SFWE Sonoma Taste-off BottlesDespite running around and not being able to take the proper time to taste, Andy and I both enjoyed the majority of the wines. We tabulated the results from everyone's excellent reviews, and here are the highest ranking wines:

Hook & Ladder Russian River Valley Estate 2005 Merlot

Score Average:  89
Approx Price:$24
Order Tasted:#8
General Comments: FAVORITE MERLOT!
Tasting notes included:
  • "Very fruity, tasty!"
  • "Fruit forward, long finish"
  • "Nice rounded nose, jammy, spicy and bold. Good overtones, great with red meat or lamb."
  • "Nice chocolate/eucalyptus finish"
  • "Really nice - berries & jam. Stands alone."
  • "Flavorful, nice finish."

Roshambo Winery "Justice" Sonoma County 2004 Syrah

Score Average: 89
Approx Price:$17.50
Order Tasted:#10
Review Details:
General Comments: GREAT VALUE!
Tasting notes included:
  • "Spicy and full of flavor"
  • "Honey and dark chocolate"
  • "Just perfect in every way!"
  • "Candied cherries and mincemeat spices w/ blackberries and chocolate. Rich & interesting."
  • "Fruity, spicy, like it."
  • "Tasty, addictive!"

Deerfield Ranch Ladi's Vineyard 2002 Syrah

Score Average: 89
Approx Price:$40
Order Tasted:#12
Review Details:
Tasting notes included:
  • "I totally dig this wine!"
  • "Spicy, zippy, and good taste."
  • "Wonderful."
  • "Spicy bold cloves w/ notes of raisin. Slightly sweet finish - a nice smooth round syrah."
  • "Warm and fruity - tasty. I like this."

Roy J. Maier Sonoma County Mountains 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon

Score Average: 88
Approx Price:$49
Order Tasted:#9
Review Details:
Tasting notes included:
  • "Very smooth, wonderful cab. Tasty to drink."
  • "Big fruit flavor w/ smoke undertones"
  • "Tobacco, cayenne pepper, bold, good foundation. Not much fruit and I like that."
  • "Earthy, strong tannins, blackberry."

Loxton Vineyards Sonoma Hillside Vineyards 2003 Syrah

Score Average: 88
Approx Price:$25
Order Tasted:#11
Review Details:
Tasting notes included:
  • "Versatile and tasty, would pair well with many foods."
  • "Fruit forward w/ a lot of cinnamon and cloves. Bold wine."
  • "Very good."
  • "Spicy, jammy, a bit of plum and tobacco."

Alexander Valley Vineyards 'New Gewurz' 2006 North Coast Gewurztraminer

Score Average: 85
Approx Price:$9
Order Tasted:#1
Review Details:
Tasting notes included:
  • "Nice citrus with peach overtones - some bitter walnut and nice rounded spice as well."
  • "Nice crisp finish".
  • "Refreshing, nice for an afternoon sipper."
  • "Nice floral honeysuckle notes, strong citrus."
  • "Nice mineral quality."
  • "Lemon zest, rich floral notes."

Deerfield Ranch 2003 Merlot Cuvee

Score Average: 85
Approx Price:$25
Order Tasted:#6
Review Details:
Tasting notes included:
  • "Chocolate bouquet."
  • "Blackberries and Spice - robust."
  • "Chocolate on the finish."
  • "Plummy, delicious."
  • "Good structure, body. Rich cherry, I like this."

Thanks kindly to everyone who participated in the event — your palates helped us determine some solid winners. Feel free to post any comments on the event (both positive and negative) below.

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